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Adding a logo

You can easily add a logo which will display above your ONFORM, you can also add a link, so that when a respondent clicks your logo they will navigate to any website you want, like your company website or marketing page. To add a logo follow these simple steps:

01 When on the ONFORM editor, click the settings button in the top right of the screen

The settings bar will then open

02 Scroll down to the “Design” section

If the section is closed click the button to open it

03 Toggle the “Add a logo” switch

04 Click the “Add Image” button

The media modal will display. If you’ve uploaded media previously it will display here. To upload a new logo click the “Upload files” tab and either drag and drop your file/s or click the “Select File” button.

05 Add a link (optional)1

Click the “Select Link” button. This will open a popup where you can add the URL and if the link will open in a new page.

1 This is optional – add a link which a respondent will visit when they click your logo

06 Add a 2x logo (optional)2

Toggle the “Add 2x logo” to add a logo which is twice the size of the original logo, and that will display on “retina” displays.

2 This is optional – the 2x logo will display on retina display to help ensure your logo looks sharp on all displays

07 Done!

Your logo will now display above your ONFORM.

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