Get to know your audience and gain brand & product insights. From quick-fire polls to snappy surveys to multi-page forms; ONFORM offers you the very best tools to allow you to engage with your audience like never before.


flexible: Made For You And Your Audience

Whether you’re wanting to engage with your customers, your employees, or undertake research, or if your needs are different still, ONFORM is flexible enough and powerful enough to handle all your engagement needs.

  • Voice of the customer (VOC)
  • Voice of the employee (VOE)
  • Experience management
  • Feedback
  • Polling
  • Brand insights
  • Market research
  • Academic research

built on the very best modern tech: High Tech. All Tech.

  • Cutting edge form editor built on the latest tech

    Works great on mobile, tablet and desktop and works on pretty much every browser since ie10.

  • Create, manage and deploy your ONFORMs on any device

    Whether you’re working from home, the coffee shop, the office, even the train. You can easily edit and manage all of your ONFORMs on all of your devices.

  • Built on the best open source tech

    Our stack includes some of the best, most robust open source tech in the world. WordPress, React, PHP and our own inhouse wizardry are combined to deliver an experience like no other.

ask any kind of question: Question Types. Lots of Question Types.

  • Single Textbox

  • Multiple Textboxes

  • Checkbox

  • Radio

  • Single Dropdown (Select)

  • Multiple Dropdowns (Selects)

  • File Upload

  • Single Paragraph Box (Textarea)

  • Multiple Paragraph Boxes (Textareas)

  • Net Promoter® Score (NPS)

  • Rating Scale

  • Single Rating (Smileys)

  • Multiple Ratings (Smileys)

  • Range / Slider

  • Date

  • Time

  • Matrix

  • Contact Information

  • Info / Section Break

transform your forms to fit perfectly with your brand: Add Your Logo, Set Your Brand Colours + More

Whether you’re a marketing dept, brand director, SME or solo business owner, in just a few minutes you’re able to transform the look of ONFORM to fit with your brand. Change colours, add your logo, add a background image, add links to your site, and offer customers an experience consistent with your brand.

  • Easily change colors* and set a full canvas background image to bring your ONFORMs to life.

    * You can choose both a button color and a hover/focus color.

  • White-label forms by removing the ONFORM footer and redirecting people back to your site.

  • Add your logo and optionally choose for it to be clickable to a URL of your choosing.

  • Easily create Welcome and Thank You pages to fine-tune your forms even more.

the most customisable and flexible engagement platform: Polls, Questionnaires, Surveys and Forms. One Click Away.

  • Introducing: Form TypesA whole new way to think of polls, questionnaires, surveys and forms.

    With Form Types we’ve re-imagined the building blocks of engaging with your audience. Each Form Type offers something new yet something familiar, a new, better take.

  • Seamlessly switch between Form TypesYou can change your form type at any point.

    Changing form types is just a click away, directly in the editor so you can easily see which form type works best with your questions – and you can change at any point, even when your ONFORM is live.

  • Unlimited flexibilityEvery question type works with every form type.

    Every question type (all 19* of them) works with every form type offering complete flexibility never before seen on an engagement platform.

    *8 question types available on the free plan, 18 on the solo plan and 19 on team and above

Form Types

  • 01 Poll+ (Form Type 1)

    This form type allows you to offer respondents a unique insight in to the answers of previous respondents. When a respondent provides an answer, they will see the aggregate of respondents who have answered each answer choice as a percentage.

  • 02 Poll (Form Type 2)

    Use this type when you’re looking for respondents’ first (and typically most honest) answer. Each question will be in a separate slide and as users progress through the poll/form, they won’t be able to go back and change their answers.

    This offers the flair and rhythm of Poll+ (see previous form type) but without showing the aggregate of respondents who have answered each answer choice.

  • 03 Poll / Form (Form Type 3)

    This form type allows respondents to go back and amend previous answers, but doesn’t allow respondents to go forward beyond the current question. This is a great way to help respondents focus on the current question, but still allows them the freedom to go back and amend their answers if they need to.

  • 04 Poll / Survey (Form Type 4)

    This form type offers similar functionality to Poll+ but provides a unique layout option for previous questions. When an answer is given, the previous question will display below the current question, and closed questions won’t be editable. This works really nicely for closed questions (radio, checkbox and select fields ) as the aggregate of respondents who have answered each answer choice will display as a percentage (like the Poll+ form type).

  • 05 Questionnaire / Survey (Form Type 5)

    This form type represents a more “traditional” way to gather responses. You can have as many questions as you need per slide (the other form types allow one question per slide) and respondents are free to navigate between slides as they please – for example respondents can freely navigate to previously answered questions and amend them.

responses: Ask. And Receive.

  • Beautifully presented responses

    Quickly see a summary of all answers to all questions, offering an insightful perspective. Plus zoom-in and gain even more insights by analysing responses individually, plus you can export any number of responses to CSV for further analysis*.

  • Rock-solid and carefully thought out

    We’ve invested an incredible amount of time in carefully working on every use case for managing responses. Need to delete a question from an ONFORM? No problem, all of your responses will still be saved, they’ll display with a simple notice so you know that a question has been removed.

world-class: Privacy & Security. As Standard.

Privacy and security are central to everything we do – and our systems have been built with them in mind from the very start.

  • Choose where your data is stored

    Unique to ONFORM, we allow you to decide where your data is stored. Choose from the United Kingdom or United States (with the Netherlands and Singapore coming soon). Once you’ve chosen your location your data will be stored there, will stay there, and will never leave there.

  • A tech stack built with security at its core

    From the datacenters and cloud storage we use, to the distributed network and the open source code we deploy, everything is done with the intention of being as secure as we can be. And we don’t rest on our laurels – our servers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield certified and we’re always working to ensure ONFORM is as secure as possible.

  • Rock-solid security for all

    We’re so committed to security and privacy that everyone on ONFORM gets the same treatment (well, almost*). That means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is secure and we’re doing everything we can to protect it.

built for scale: Grows. With You.

  • Perfect for starting small and growing big.

    Whether you’re just starting out on your engagement journey with a few simple forms, or if you’re running a complex Experience Management programme with advanced segmentation and dozens of user groups, ONFORM will handle your needs with ease.

  • Or starting big and growing humongous.

    Got to get the views of an entire global workforce, or a global VOC campaign to understand the views of tens of thousands plus? ONFORM will be with you every step of the way with forms, questionnaires, polls and surveys that can be seamlessly tailored to fit your needs perfectly.