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Custom CSS

You can add your own CSS to your ONFORMs – this allows you to style your ONFORMs however you want. Whether you want to make a few minor tweaks to how your ONFORMs display, or whether you want to completely transform how your ONFORMs look and feel then you can do so with ease by adding your own CSS to your ONFORMs.

Use Developer Tools of a web browser to inspect an ONFORM to see the classesids, and other selectors you can use to style your ONFORMs.

Custom CSS will apply to all your ONFORMs to save you the time of having to apply the same styles to each ONFORM but you can style a specific ONFORM by inspecting the relevant ONFORM in preview mode and using the CSS class unique to that ONFORM (e.g. ‘postid-670’) in the body tag. Alternately you could use the id on the article tag (e.g. ‘post-670’).

How to add custom CSS to your ONFORMs

01 When on the ONFORM editor, click the settings button in the top right of the screen

The settings bar will then open

02 Scroll down to the ‘Design’ section

If the section is closed click the button to open it

03 Toggle the ‘Custom CSS’ switch

A modal will display where you can input your css

04 Add your CSS

05 Click ‘Save’

When you’ve added your CSS click save and it will be applied to your ONFORMs

06 Done!

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