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Multiple Paragraph Boxes (Textareas)

The multiple paragraph boxes question type allows you to collect multiple open-ended answers from respondents as part of 1 “main question”. The paragraph boxes display in rows (one after the other) and you can set a range of settings for each paragraph box (see the settings below).

You can set the size of the paragraph boxes (small, medium or large), plus respondents can resize a box by dragging the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

You can also set a minimum and/or maximum character length as well as adding a note and a placeholder.

The settings outlined above can be set for each paragraph box, allowing granular control over how this question type will display to respondents.

You can add as many paragraph boxes as you like, but try and keep questions as concise as possible.

Here are some example questions using the paragraph boxes question type:

How to add a "multiple paragraph boxes (textareas)" question type

01 When on the ONFORM editor, click the "+" button and select "Question"

A new question block will then load

02 Click on the "Question Type" dropdown and select "Multiple Paragraph Boxes (Textareas)"

03 Add your question in the "Question" box

This is the question that will be asked, and which the rows of paragraph boxes will relate to. See point 4 below for information on the rows.

04 Click "Add Row" to add a paragraph box. For each paragraph box you wish to add simply click "Add Row"

Input the row label/sub-question for the paragraph box and adjust the settings as necessary. Click the options tab to change the settings, the settings you can change per paragraph box are:

  • Placeholder (provide extra context or a description to your respondents)
  • Size (choose small, medium or large)
  • Min/max character length (the minimum/maximum number of characters that can be entered)
  • Note (allowing you to provide additional supplementary information)

05 Adjust settings as necessary by clicking the options tab and choosing the relevant settings.

The available settings are:

  1. Note (allowing you to provide additional supplementary information)
  2. Required (the respondent will have to provide an answer to the question)

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