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Questionnaire / Survey (Form Type 5)

This form type represents a more “traditional” way to gather responses. You can have as many questions as you need per slide (the other form types allow one question per slide) and respondents are free to navigate between slides as they please – for example respondents can freely navigate to previously answered questions and amend them.

If a respondent tries submitting the ONFORM and a required question hasn’t been filled in then they will receive a message indicating which question/s needs to be answered. 

Here’s an example ONFORM using this form type:

How to use the Questionnaire / Survey form type

01 When on the ONFORM editor, click the settings button in the top right of the screen

The settings bar will then open

02 Scroll down to the "Form Types" section

If the section is closed click the button to open it

03 Click the "Questionnaire / Survey" button

04 Click the "New Slide" toggle on the questions/sections which you want to start a new slide

When using the Questionnaire / Survey form type, a toggle is added to the top right of each question and section, simply click it for each question/section you want to start a new slide.

05 Done!

Your ONFORM will now use the Questionnaire / Survey form type. Click the preview button to see how your ONFORM looks using this form type.

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