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Single Textbox

The single textbox question allows you to collect a short open-ended answer from a respondent. You can also validate the question to require an email address, URL (web address), number or telephone number. You can also set a minimum and/or maximum character length.

Combining the validation settings and character length means this question type can be used in an infinite amount of ways and is both powerful and simple. If you want a short written answer from people, this is what you need.

In addition to the settings outlined above, you can also add a placeholder and set the question as required (meaning that the respondent must provide an answer).

Please Note: if you have chosen a validation method other than text, for example number, and the validation fails, so when using number validation, a respondent inputs text, then the respondent will see an error message indicating that validation has failed. This will happen irrespective of whether the “Required” setting is enabled.

How to add a single textbox question

01 When on the ONFORM editor, click the “+” button and select “Question”

A new question block will then load.

02 Add your question in the “Question” box

This is the question that will be asked, and which respondents will answer using the textbox.

03 Adjust settings as necessary by clicking the options tab and choosing the relevant settings

The available settings are:

  1. Placeholder
  2. Format (allowing you to choose the validation of the text, the options are: text, email address, URL/web address, number and telephone number)
  3. Min/max character length
  4. Note (allowing you to provide additional supplementary information)
  5. Required (the respondent will have to provide an answer to the question)

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