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The time question type lets respondents select a time from a list. You can set the start and end times, and you can also choose the interval between each time in the list and make some times unavailable.

In addition to the settings outlined above, you can also add a placeholder, set the question as required (meaning that an answer is required) and add a note.

Combined with the date question type, you can create powerful surveys, questionnaires, polls and forms with advanced date/time selections.

Here are some example questions showing how the time question type will display to respondents:

How to add a time question type

01 When on the ONFORM editor, click the "+" button and select "Question"

A new question block will then load

02 Click on the "Question Type" dropdown and select "Time"

03 Add your question in the "Question" box

This is the question that will be asked, and which respondents will choose a time in response to.

04 Choose the start time

Select the hours and minutes. For example, if you want the start time to be 4:15pm then you would choose 16 in the hour box and 15 in the minutes box.

05 Choose the end time

Select the hours and minutes. For example, if you want the start time to be 9:30pm then you would choose 21 in the hour box and 30 in the minutes box.

06 Change the interval (optional)1

Click the options tab, and change the interval between times. For example, if you want a 15 minute interval between times, then you would input 15.

1 it's set as 30mins by default

07 Add excluded times (optional)2

Click the options tab, and click the “Disable/exclude times” toggle. Click “Add Time” and choose the hour and minute of the time you want excluded. Click the “Add Time” button to exclude additional times.

2 excluded times won't be selectable

08 Adjust additional settings as necessary by clicking the options tab and choosing the relevant settings

The additional settings available are:

  1. Placeholder
  2. Note (allowing you to provide additional supplementary information)
  3. Required (the respondent will have to provide an answer to the question)

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