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Choosing between polls, questionnaires, surveys and forms

With ONFORM, you’re free to create polls, questionnaires, surveys and forms. So whether you’re looking to create a quick-fire poll with a handful of questions, or a dozen page form jam-packed with questions, ONFORM is with you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to create a poll, questionnaire, survey or form, they are all created in exactly the same way, and you can seamlessly change the format once you’ve created your ONFORM – so you don’t have to commit before starting to add your questions. In fact, the best way to decide is often by adding your questions first, and then seeing which format works best.

For example, you may start out with a poll in mind, armed with 4 quick-fire questions that you plan on asking respondents, then as you start creating your poll, you decide to add a few open-ended questions, and then decide that you’re going to add a file upload question, and after you check out the form types, decide to go with a more traditional form layout, with multiple questions on each page.

Here are some handy tips:

  1. You can craft any poll, questionnaire survey or form with ease by using the ONFORM exclusive feature called Form Types. So however you’re wanting to ask questions – whether through a quick-fire poll or through a through a multi-page form with dozens of questions, ask away with the knowledge ONFORMs form types will aid you every step of the way. Find out more about the different form types available here.
  2. You don’t need to decide which form type to use before adding questions etc. You’re free to change the form type at any time and you won’t lose any questions or data.
  3. The different form types (polls, questionnaires, surveys and forms) are accessed via the Display Settings in the sidebar – you can change them at any point under the Form Type section.
  4. Follow the steps in the short guide here to create your first ONFORM.

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