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Displaying aggregate data to respondents

Unique to ONFORM, depending on the form type and question type you choose, you can display the aggregate of the number of respondents who’ve selected each respective answer choice as a percentage, offering a great way to poll people as seeing where your answer fits compared to others is a great pull factor.

How to display aggregate data to respondents

01 Choose either poll+ (form type 1) or poll / survey (form type 4)

The displaying of aggregate data is available when using poll+ (form type 1) or poll / survey (form type 4).

02 Choose the number of responses that will be required before aggregate data is displayed

This is the number of responses needed before aggregate of respondents who’ve selected answer choices is displayed as %.

03 Add a checkbox, radio or rating scale question type

Aggregate data will display for the checkboxradio and rating scale question types.

04 Done!

When a respondent answers a question that uses the checkbox, radio, or rating scale question type they’ll see an aggregate of the number of respondents who’ve selected each answer choice (displayed as a percentage).

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